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Joint Statement of the European Social Partners from the woodworking sectors
Acknowledging the still relatively high risk levels for the worker’s health, the European Social partner organisations from the woodworking and furniture sectors (CEI-Bois, EFBWW, EFIC and UEA) sent a joint statement to European Commissioner Thyssen, welcoming the Commission Communication on Occupational Safety and Health [COM(2017) 12]. The social partner organisations reaffirm their own commitment in the area of occupational safety and health and refer to previous joint statements, sent to the European Commission during the preparation phase of the European strategic Framework for Occupational Safety and Health, published in June 2014, pointing out some specific needs for the woodworking and furniture sectors.

CLICK HERE to download the joint statement 2018 (CEI-Bois, EFBWW, EFIC, UEA).
CLICK HERE to download the joint statement 2013 (EFBWW, EFIC, UEA).
CLICK HERE to download the joint statement 2013 (CEI-Bois, EFBWW).

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