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LafargeHolcim, STOP precarious work, respect workers’ lives!
Since its creation LafargeHolcim has been killing workers. The fatality rate has jumped up instead of dropping although the company invests a lot of money in safety measures implemented top-down. Outsourcing and subcontracting of core labour is one of the major reasons for this. LafargeHolcim relies heavily in many of their operations on outsourced labour, one of the numerous ways for employers to escape their responsibilities to their workers. The share of outsourced and third party workers nowadays reaches up to 80 per cent in some Indian operations.
LafargeHolcim is reluctant to change anything, they continue their business as usual. Today, on 7 October, the Global Day of Action to STOP Precarious work, workers and their unions remind LafargeHolcim about the consequences of their actions and inactions and therefore demand that the world’s number one cement company puts an end to this dreadful policy.
At least 25 workers have already lost their lives since the beginning of the year. Most of them were not directly employed and paid an incredibly high price for this unsustainable business model, a race to the bottom. Against the background of the continued policy of divestments and a shrinking business for the sake of maintained dividends to shareholders, the number of workers killed in the company, especially in its supply chain, is terribly high.
But these are not the only workers killed at LafargeHolcim operations. So far, there is no public information on how many more died from occupational diseases. Although it is a known fact that the cement industry has a particularly poor record about dust and heavy weight lifting related diseases, the company is either reluctant to provide or to collect statistics about these workers.
How many more should die leaving heart-broken families with no means of livelihood, no hopes for future? How many should pay with their health and lives, before LafargeHolcim engages in a real meaningful dialogue on safety related problems, involving workers representing unions and before the company starts respecting workers’ most precious right for life?
On 7 October, the Global Day of Action to ‘STOP precarious work’ we request every worker working for LafargeHolcim to join the unions and together say to LafargeHolcim:
LafargeHolcim, STOP precarious work, respect workers’ lives!
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