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Guide for developing health and safety management systems
Over the past two years, EFBWW and FIEC have been preparing a brief guide for developing a health and safety management system. The result is now available in the following languages: BU, DA, DE, CZ, EN, FR, IT, NL, PL, PT, RO and SP.

Given the growing number of large and medium-sized companies that are introducing health and safety management systems, we felt it was important for us to set out a framework for this process. Two issues are particularly important in this regard: first, companies must not trample rough-shod over the statutory health and safety structures; and second, the participation of workers must be safeguarded. These two demands are also supported by the FIEC and are reflected in the guide’s contents.
In addition, we particularly wanted to produce a publication that can also be used in small businesses. This is of great importance to the construction sector, as a comprehensive health and safety organisational structure must also be able to be implemented in small and even very small businesses, and the brochure is organised accordingly.

The brochure is now also available to download:
ENGLISH version
FRENCH version
GERMAN version
ITALIAN version
SPANISH version
DANISH version
DUTCH version
CZECH version
POLISH version
ROMANIAN version

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