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Children more vulnerable to asbestos exposure
The Committee on Carcinogenicity of Chemicals in Food, Consumer Products and the Environment has issued a statement on the relative vulnerability of children to asbestos compared to adults. We hereunder attach one of the most significant paragraphs. The full statement can be consulted at the following link: CLICK HERE

“From the available, albeit limited, data it is not possible to say whether children are intrinsically more susceptible to asbestos-related injury. However, it is well recognised by this committee that, due to the increased life expectancy of children compared to adults, there is an increased lifetime risk of mesothelioma as a result of the long latency period of the disease. Because of differences in life expectancy, for a given dose of asbestos the lifetime risk of developing mesothelioma is predicted to be about 3.5 times greater for a child first exposed at age 5 compared to an adult first exposed at age 25 and about 5 times greater when compared to an adult first exposed at age 30. In reaching our evaluation and taking into consideration that there are a number of uncertainties and data gaps, we conclude that exposure of children to asbestos is likely to render them more vulnerable to developing mesothelioma than exposure of adults to an equivalent asbestos dose.”