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EFBWW President re-elected as vice-President of the German construction trade union IG BAU.

The EFBWW congratulates its President Dietmar Schäfers, with his re-election as vice-President of IG BAU. An overwhelming majority of the IG BAU Congress reconfirmed his mandate. As principal collective bargaining negotiator he will have the difficult task to steer his trade union and to reach a collective agreement for thousands of German and foreign construction workers. Despite the improving economic situation in the German construction industry, the employers seem unwilling to improve the wages and working conditions of the German construction workers.
Mr Schäfers will not only defend the rights of the German workers, but in his capacity as President of the European Federation of Building and Woodworkers, he will act on behalf of all construction workers in Europe. His role at EU-level is crucial for defending the rights of posted workers, migrant workers and all other precarious workers. The revision of the Posting of Workers Directive and the EU Regulation on social security, the rejection of the proposed EU services e-card are some of his immediate political priorities at EU-level.