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Joint EFBWW-FIEC Presidium meeting (Paris)

On 7 November, the EFBWW, FIEC and AEIP signed a long term cooperation agreement. With this agreement, the three partners underline the importance of sectoral industrial relations in the construction industry at EU, national, regional and company level. The agreement also confirms the willingness and commitment of all parties to continue promoting and strengthening industrial relations at EU and national level. Finally, the agreement reconfirms the joint commitment to promote and strengthen industrial relations in the construction industry at European level in general and in particular in Central and Eastern European Countries (CEECs), whereby they acknowledge and respect the national specificities in establishing, building and managing industrial relations.

At the joint Presidium meeting, the partners agreed to start a two year project, aimed to strengthen the capacity of the social partners of the construction industry in the Central and Eastern European Countries. Gunde Odgaard, chair of the EFBWW Standing Committee Building, welcomed the engagement of the partners in this “result oriented” project and stressed that in this project “the social partners of the CEEC will have to commit themselves to deliver”.

The EFBWW and FIEC also discussed important political issues, which affect the European construction industry: e.g. the revision of the Posting of Workers Directive, the proposed European Services e-card and the proposed revision of the European Social Security Regulation. The EFBWW and FIEC also explored options to strengthen the European Social Dialogue of the Construction industry.

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