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On 3rd March, the European Federation of Building and Woodworkers (EFBWW) presented its European Asbestos campaign at the European Parliament.

The campaign aims to do away with all asbestos still existing in Europe.
Even though in Europe there is a general ban on asbestos and asbestos containing products, this deathly substance is still present in our daily lives, in public and private buildings, in public transportation systems and in everyday products.

The asbestos issue urgently needs prompt co-ordinated action. The overall aim is to get Europe asbestos free by 2023. The actions should focus on a comprehensive registration of asbestos containing products, on safe working conditions, on the training of workers who deal with asbestos and on the recognition and compensation of asbestos victims.

The EFBWW will distribute its information and proposals to all stakeholders at European and national level. The EFBWW will also develop practical actions, which will be part of our core business over the next years.

In this section you will find material for the campaign (action plan, posters, etc.) and updated information on activities from the European as well as the national level.

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Asbestos poster

Download the English poster.
Download the English action plan.

Download the French poster.
Download the French action plan.

Download the Danish poster.
Download the Danish action plan.

Download the German poster.
Download the German action plan.

Download the Spanish poster.
Download the Spanish action plan.

Download the Italian poster.
Download the Italian action plan.

Download the Dutch poster.
Download the Dutch action plan.

Download the Finnish poster.

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