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Asbestos campaign Documents and Posters
EFBWW Asbestos campaign flyer 2015 English

Charts and Maps – Global Asbestos Production and Consumption

The International Ban Asbestos Secretariat (IBAS) published a series of charts and maps revealing trends in the global production and consumption of asbestos fibers that is sourced from reports of the United States Geological Survey (USGS).
The link below to the IBAS website will provide you with data on the following items that can be used as a resource:
- Trends in Asbestos Fiber Use
- Maps showing Global Asbestos Usage and Bans
- Tabular Production and Consumption Data
- Global Asbestos Fiber Consumption Pie Charts
- Global Asbestos Fiber Production Pie Charts



In the framework of its asbestos campaign, the EFBWW published an action plan, a campaign poster and a flyer. These campaign materials can be used by trade unions to support their national activities.

Asbestos poster

Download the English poster.
Download the English action plan.

Download the French poster.
Download the French action plan.

Download the Danish poster.
Download the Danish action plan.

Download the German poster.
Download the German action plan.

Download the Spanish poster.
Download the Spanish action plan.

Download the Italian poster.
Download the Italian action plan.

Download the Dutch poster.
Download the Dutch action plan.

Download the Finnish poster.

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