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On its Executive Committee meeting in December 2008 the EFBWW adopted a policy on Formaldehyde.
The substance which has numerous negative health effects is currently considered to become listed in the annex of the European directive on chemicals at the workplace (Titel - number).
Likelihood the Commission will, based on the advise of the tripartite Advisory Committee and the Scientific Committee for Occupational Exposure Limits, propose an indicative limit value of 0,2 ppm (parts per million). Currently the limit values in the different European countries (mostly) varies between 0,5 and 1 ppm.
this proposal will then be discussed in the European Parliament. The EFBWW policy paper is intended for influencing this debate not only on the European but also on the national levels.
Parallel the EFBWW is involved in a prevention project on formaldehyde. Together with its European Social Partner Organisation for the wood sector (CEI-Bois) and the European Federation of Panel producing companies (EPF), we are looking for the most advanced technologies and strategies for the prevention against exposure to Formaldehyde.
the project will start in May 2009 and comprises among other, a series of measurements for core activities in the panel industry and the collection of best practices. Results of the project will then be presented at a final conference in February 2010.


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