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2007 - Communication in EWC of the Building and Wood Sectors

In 2006, the European Federation of Building and Woodworkers launched a small inquiry asking the European Works Councils from the Construction and Wood sectors to inform us about their needs and requirements regarding tools and training to strengthen the actions of their EWC and of the trade union.
“Communication tools” and “training on communication” were seen as the most important topics for which EWC members requested training.
Communication in the wider sense of the word, not only at plant level between workers, but also between workers and management, between workers and trade unions at national and transnational level; online communication and online networking, using web based information sources, etc.

This is all the more important as 12 new countries have joined the European Union and it is necessary to work together and to set up networks which can exchange information quickly and effectively and act to take joint measures and action for employee representatives when required.

To meet the need for training on this issue the EFBWW applied for a grant to organise training seminars for EWC members from the Building and Wood sectors so as to improve their communication skills more specifically to make the communication easier to understand, easier to translate easier to read and more accessible to more people. All this should improve the exchange of information and bring down existing barriers with what comes to the use of modern communication tools and setting up networks.

The project should improve not only the day to day exchange of information between worker representatives and the information flow between the various networks, but also the interaction when exceptional circumstances present themselves, such as in the event of restructuring and /or relocation of companies.

Download the complete file.

Other language versions of the meeting documents can be obtained from the EFBWW secretariat - info@efbh.be.