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EFBWW Structure
The EFBWW comprises the following bodies:

The General Assembly meets every four years and deals with the following issues.
- the policy pursued by the Executive Committee;
- examination and endorsement of the Report of the Auditing Committee
- the main aspects of future policy; possibly defined in action programmes and/or resolutions;
- proposals from the EFBH-FETBB bodies referred to in the Constitution;
- amendments to the Constitution;
- the annual affiliation fee
- standing committees
- elections of the Executive Committee, the President, the Vice-Presidents, the General Secretary and the Auditing Committee.

In November 2015, the EFBWW General Assembly elected Dietmar Schäfers (IG BAU, Germany) as President, Johan Lindholm (Byggnads, Sweden) as first vice-president, Massimo Trinci (Feneal-Uil, Italy) as second vice-president and Robert Vertenueil (AC ABVV, Belgium)as third vice-president.
Sam Hägglund was reelected General Secretary.

The Executive Committee is the supreme body of the EFBWW during the period between two General Assemblies and meets at least twice a year.

The Auditing Committee is responsible for the annual examination of the financial situation and the auditing of the accounts of the Secretariat.

The EFBWW has two Standing Committees i.e. the Standing Committee for the building industry and the Standing Committee for the woodworking and forestry industries.
The Standing Committees shall meet at least once a year, they are responsible for studying specific questions arising in their sectors at community level and for submitting proposals to the Executive Committee.

The Safety and Health Coordination group assists and advises the Standing Committees on Safety and Health issues.

The European Works Council Steering Committee prepares and co-ordinates the EWC work.
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