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EP resolution on asbestos
The EFBWW welcomed the approval by the European Parliament, in March 2013, of the initiative report “Asbestos-related occupational health threats and prospects for abolishing all existing asbestos”.
The EFBWW and the other relevant European social partners advised the members of the EP and in particular the rapporteur, Mr. Stephen Hughes, during the whole debate.
The result is a highly satisfactory text, which commits the European legislator to take further action regarding the main asbestos related issues in the EU: screening and registration of asbestos, ensuring qualifications and training, development of removal programmes, recognition of asbestos-related diseases, support for asbestos victims' groups, strategies for a global ban on asbestos.
The EFBWW is committed to using the text as a concrete tool for future policies, by highlighting the link between the EP text and the activities in the framework of our campaign.

All language versions of the adopted resolution are available as a PDF file below or can be consulted on the following website: www.europarl.europa.eu

Resolution in:Bulgarian
Resolution in: Czech
Resolution in: Danish
Resolution in: Dutch
Resolution in: English
Resolution in: Estonian
Resolution in: Finnish
Resolution in: French
Resolution in: German
Resolution in: Hungarian
Resolution in: Italian
Resolution in: Latvian
Resolution in: Lithuanian
Resolution in: Maltese
Resolution in: Polish
Resolution in: Portuguese
Resolution in: Romanian
Resolution in: Slovak
Resolution in: Slovenian
Resolution in: Spanish
Resolution in: Swedish

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