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2007 - Flexicurity and self employment in the Construction industry

The EFBWW organised two seminars for its affiliated trade unions, with the financial assistance of the European Commission, to tackle the issue of flexicurity and self-employment in the construction industry, with the aim to facilitate the discussion and exchange of information between the unions concerning their experiences with self-employment and flexicurity.
The seminars took place in Prato (Italy), in April 2008 and in Rönneberga (Sweden) in May 2008.
The seminars provided more information and experiences to the EFBWW and its member organisations on the discussions at EU- and national level on flexicurity and self employment in the construction industry.

Bearing in mind the political sensitivity for the national social partners to discuss flexicurity within a trade union movement, the EFBWW was able to reach a final common position on flexicurity in the construction industry. This position and strategy paper is now being used by the European Social Partners of the construction industry to engage themselves in a discussion in the Sectoral Social dialogue Committee. At the same time the EFBWW position and strategy paper is being used by the national EFBWW affiliates in their discussions on flexicurity in the construction industry.

The project opened the door to broach a difficult discussion between the European social partners on flexicurity. As such the item is on the agenda of the European Social Dialogue. Both partners recognized the importance of the topic and agreed that a follow-up is needed.

The complexity of the discussion on self-employment and false self employment has lead to partial conclusions which will be integrated in a joint EFBWW-FIEC research project on "Self-employment and false self-employment in the European construction industry", the results of which will be published in spring 2009.

Download the EFBWW position and strategy on flexicurity in the construction sector.

Other language versions can be obtained from the EFBWW secretariat - info@efbh.be.