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2008 - Nanotechnologies in the Construction Industry

Given the growing importance of nanotechnologies and the increasing use of these technologies in our sectors as well as the fact that considerable health risks may be associated with these technologies, the EFBWW is focusing more attention on this subject.

The EFBWW obtained a budget from the European Commission to organise a project entitled “Nanotechnologies in the European Construction Industry”, which was organised in cooperation with FIEC.

The project had the following aims:
•to hold a one-day workshop with interventions by experts
•to draw up a questionnaire for obtaining information about current applications, identifying information deficits and requirements, current problems and risk assessment methods
•to prepare an inventory of current applications of nanotechnologies in the construction sector
•to report to the construction social dialogue with a view to passing on this material for possible future initiatives in this area.

Below please find the final report 'Nano products in the European Construction Industry' in English and an Executive summary which is availabe in various languages:

Final Report - Nano products in the European Construction Industry in English
Executive summary in English
Executive summary in French
Executive summary in German
Executive summary in Danish
Executive summary in Italian
Executive summary in Dutch
Executive summary in Polish
Executive summary in Hungarian
Executive summary in Romanian

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