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The urgent task for the European Federation of Building and Woodworkers at all levels is to fight for safe and healthy working conditions for our workers. A primary task of EFBWW occupational health and safety activities is to influence decisions at European level, that is the European institutions. In addition, the EFBWW will promote activities in this sphere by running campaigns, participating in projects and, to a certain extent, providing information to the affiliated organisations and fostering the dialogue .
The implementation of safe, healthy and good working conditions for workers is and remains a fundamental aim and thereby also serves as an excellent tool for attracting members. In this connection, during the coming period we could also see to what extent health and safety is a topic of bargaining policy work at national level. If our analysis is correct, a wide-ranging prevention policy increasingly also concerns the general conditions of work. The EFBWW will therefore opt for a wide-ranging approach in its health and safety policy, with the following objectives:
•Work must not make people ill and must be safe
•The organisation and division of work must offer prospects for development
•Employment relationships must offer security
•Workers should be involved in designing their jobs
•Technological design must be people-based
•Job descriptions must cater for broad skills

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