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Psycho-Social Hazards
In recent years people have seen changes in the nature of job-related stress factors. And this trend will continue in the years to come. If we take a rather closer look at the processes driving these changes, they are broadly divided between two levels. In the first place, there is the internationalisation trend which has developed rapidly in our sectors over the past years. This is having a significant impact on the labour market situation, consequently leading to a more stressful work-situation.

Secondly, there is the actual work situation of the workers. In all European countries, significant numbers of workers are complaining about the mounting pressure of work. This is patently clear from the statistics on work-related health problems. The Dublin Foundation's own data in its fourth report on working conditions in Europe also confirms this. In 2005, 26% of workers almost always worked at a very high pace of work (1990 19%).

In this area you will find material related to the subject of psychosocial hazards but also to related items like working time or work organization.

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