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2011 - The New EWC directive and its transposition

Short description of the action

On 29/30 November 2011, the EFBWW organised a training seminar with the financial support of the European Commission, entitled “The New EWC Directive and its Transposition”. The seminar took place in Palermo (I) and gathered 41 participants. The following EWCS from the construction and wood sectors were represented: Recticel, Holcim, Heidelberg Cement, Bouygues, Imerys, Italcementi, Unilin, Volker Wessels, Paroc, Hochtief, Kaefer, Skanska, Wienerberger, Stora Enso, BAM, EIFFAGE, Vinci, ETEX, BESIX, SPIE, Carmeuse, Lafarge, Lhoist, Monier, Jeld-Wen.
The seminar offered the opportunity to get better acquainted with the new features of the recast of the EWC directive (2009/38/EC), to make a first analysis of existing EWC agreements and to establish key aspects which were up for revision.
Another aspect of the seminar focussed on the coordinating role of the EFBWW and the national trade unions involved, especially in the field of a number of items who are of crucial importance to ensure that EWCs function in line with the Recast Directive and the overall EWC policy of the EFBWW. Possible items of priority importance are employment policy, employment relationship, VET, OSH, sustainable development. Discussing these key elements at all levels, including the EWC level, should help the EFBWW in reaching its goals as set out in its action programme for 2012-2015.

Main objectives of the action
A first aim of the project was to inform chairs/secretaries of EWC from the Construction and Wood sectors about the recast of the EWC directive (2009/38/EC). Especially informing them about a number of new concepts of information, consultation and communication which were embedded.
As a practical follow-up to the theoretical part, all participants were requested to evaluate their own EWC agreement in the light of the recast and to pinpoint items to be modified in future negotiations. In this way the EWCs concerned could present their weak and strong points and exchange information on existing good examples of information and consultation and on recent experiences gathered by implementing Directive 2009/38/EG in specific EWC.
A second aim of the project was to inform the participants about the coordinating role of the EFBWW (in the framework of the new EFBWW action programme 2012-2015), and the role of the EWC coordinator and national trade unions. The presentation intended to give a broader picture of the EFBWW activities which include employment policy, vocational training, health and safety, sustainable development, …

Key results
The presentations on the recast taught the participants all about the scope of the recast EWC directive, about the improvements made compared to directive 94/45/EC. Given the practical exchange of experiences between the representatives of the 25 EWCs present at the action, related to their actual EWC agreement and a possible revision of their agreement based on Directive 2009/38/EC and its transposition, one can expect that in a large number of cases initiatives will be taken by the EWCs concerned.
As a result of the discussions on the EFBWW priorities, it was decided to schedule training seminars for EWC members on specific topics: Sustainable development in 2012/2013, Posting in 2013/2014 and Safety and Health in 2014/2015. In this way the priorities set out in the EFBWW action plan would get a practical implementation in the EWC work.

The programme, minutes and meeting documents are available below:

Seminar programme
English, German, French, Italian, Dutch

English, German, French, Italian, Dutch

Presentation ETUI – Recast EWC directive
English, French, Dutch

Presentation – Evaluation EWC agreement
English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Danish

Presentation – Evaluation Quality EWC agreement
English, French, Dutch, Danish,

Results – Role EFBWW in EWC work
English, German, French, Dutch, Italian

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