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2007 - STRABAG SE worker representation in the supervisory body

Background information

The EFBWW obtained financial support from the European Commission under Budget Heading regarding Information, Consultation and Participation of representatives of undertakings", to organise a training seminar for members of the Worker representation body of the STRABAG SE.

STRABAG SE was the first group from the construction industry to adopt the Statute of a European Company (SE). In 2006 the existing European Works Council of the former Bauholding-Strabag group was transformed into a worker representation body as stipulated in the European Directive and its transposition into Austrian law.

Since the transformation into an SE in 2006 the Strabag Group has increased its workforce from approximately 33,000 to 59,000, transforming it into one of the biggest Building groups in Europe. The group is mainly active in Central and Eastern Europe with strong activity in Austria, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia and Hungary. An increase in activity is expected to take place in Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia.

The aim of the training seminar was to give the Members of the Worker representation body a clear view on the different systems of worker participation in the countries involved, further specifying the distinctions between countries with regard to the functioning and setting up of works councils, supervisory boards and administrative bodies and to improve the internal communication between worker representatives by elaborating a communication strategy and action plan.

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