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Seminar Foster VET 10-11 November 2010
The seminar took place on 10 and 11 November in Rotterdam/the Netherlands. 36 participants from 10 European countries took part. At the seminar mainly the Dutch system was presented but also reports from eight other countries were presented.

The presentations and additional material will be published in a final report and be accompanied by some proposals on how to foster the mobility of young people (mainly apprentices) in the two sectors.

The seminar showed that there is a considerable interest in greater cooperation among the training institutions/colleges. There also exists strong interest in cooperation with the European social partner organisations.

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Programme of the seminar
Download English version.
Download Presentation Belgium.
Download Presentation Bulgaria.
Download Presentation Netherlands HMC.
Download Presentation Netherlands COLO.
Download Presentation France AFPIA.
Download Presentation France UNIFA.
Download Presentation France CFA.
Download Presentation Germany.
Download Presentation Italy.
Download Presentation Spain.
Download Presentation UK.
Download Presentation European Commission.