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Valiwood project
Validation of job skills in the European woodworking industry

The woodworking sector in Europe has identified the lack of vocational skills as a weakness within the industry. One of the key factors in reasserting the competitiveness of the European wood-processing business is to reduce the bottlenecks in the labour market represented by the lack of trained workers to meet the demands of competence in the industry. Greater transparency of actual vocational skills in the available workforce will help the sector in streamlining recruitment and employment.
Valiwood is a project working with the development of innovative tools and methods for greater transparency of actual vocational skills in the available workforce within the European woodworking sector, aiming at streamlining recruitment and employment. This will create new exclusive opportunities for employees and employers:

Will receive a widely recognised professional certificate proving their working skills. This is an official woodworking industry document valid all over Europe, which will improve chances of staying in a lead role within the EU labour market.
Will have unique new opportunities for cost savings in recruitment that will help them to stay ahead of their competitors.

For more information see www.valiwood.eu