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The construction sector is an activity in a state of continuous flux. New processes, materials and machines mean that the knowledge, skills and competences of construction workers are also continuously evolving. At European level, vocational and professional training is becoming ever-more important. We are thinking here, for example, of the integration of young people in the labour market, lifelong learning, employability of construction workers, the changing situation on the labour market owing to such factors as an ageing society and the ever-greater requirements of construction enterprises.
The European initiative to introduce a European system for the recognition of qualifications and competences (EQF) is of particular value for the European construction sector. The recognition of qualifications acquired but also of knowledge, skills and experience gained is an important subject in the construction sector. An ever-growing number of construction workers are seeking jobs abroad and finding that their qualifications are not recognised. By means of cross-border cooperation among construction industry training institutions, the EFBWW will launch a pilot project aimed at producing a harmonised European qualifications framework.
Without any doubt lifelong and multidimensional learning is indispensable for every construction worker. The great variety of work situations and fast pace of technological developments mean that building workers need to undergo continuing further training. So we no longer refer only to lifelong learning, but also to learning which embraces a wide range of subjects. In this way, training is more clearly designed as a tool for personal development.
The EFBWW emphasises that the principle of lifelong and multidimensional learning must be made available to construction workers. This means giving construction workers freedom to choose the training options (place, time and content of the training). Lifelong and multidimensional learning should be aimed at achieving the personal and professional development of the construction worker. In order for the concept to closely match actual conditions in the construction sector, national (paritarian) training institutions in the construction sector need to be assigned a key role in preparing and implementing policy on lifelong and multidimensional learning.
The EFBWW will seek to forge closer cooperation and coordination links among the various paritarian institutions concerned in lifelong and multidimensional learning in the construction sector.

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