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In this area you will find information and material about the topic of worker participation. Trade union policies are targeted to foster the independence of workers in all their relations connected to the working contract. The direct participation at the workplace is vital and OHS is, in this respect, a core subject.

The aims of our policy are:
• Initiatives to achieve greater participation of workers and their representatives, enshrined in law, in all occupational health and safety matters
• Initiatives (in the social dialogues and in EWCs) to improve the organisation of occupational health and safety
• Formulation of requirements for the training of workers' occupational health and safety representatives
• Formulation of more stringent requirements for the general training of workers in health and safety matters”

Participation is mainly based on legal preconditions, trade union campaigns and actions and workers initiatives in companies very often go further though. Therefore, you will find material on all these different aspects in this area.

Below please find the EFBWW opinion on worker participation in various languages:

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