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The trade unions in Ukraine need support for independence and democracy – interview with Vasyl Andreyev, president of PROFBUD
Domenico Pesenti, EFBWW President and Filca-Cisl General Secretary says: "We express our solidarity with the Ukrainian people and workers, and with the Ukrainian trade union movement especially the Construction and Building Materials Industry Workers’ Union of Ukraine PROFBUD, supporting its initiative for a real democracy, and for workers and citizens’ social rights, and we condemn all kinds of violence that has caused many deaths since the beginning of the riots. We do hope that shortly...


European Trade Union Summit
The ETUC is organising a European Trade Union Summit on 19 March 2014 in Brussels. The intention is to analyse the development of EU policies 2009-2014 and to map out trade union alternatives for the next five years. Download the programme. Download the poster. ...


European incapacity to tackle exploitation of posted cross-border workers, social fraud and social dumping
After having spent millions of euro on studies, assessments and research, eternal political debates and publications, the European Council clearly demonstrated on 5th March its resilient unwillingness to resolve the problem of exploited posted workers, social fraud and dumping. Every day thousands of cross-border posted workers are exploited as modern slaves! The workers are employed with no (or poor) social security, they are employed at scandalous low wages (2 or 3 Euro per hour are no...


Mass Rally by YOL-İŞ (Turkey) : We Will Not Be Slaves Of Subcontractors!
Stop slavery; No to subcontracting, disorganizing and deregulating! This was the main slogan of the rally held on 15th February 2014 in Ankara with the participation of over 50 thousand workers which are members of unions affiliated to the Confederation of Trade Unions of Turkey (TÜRK-İŞ). Members of The Turkish Union of Road Construction and Building Workers’ (YOL-İŞ) which led the action gave colour to the Sıhhiye Square of Ankara. Over 20 thousand YOL-İŞ members from 81 different...


Citizen’s Initiative in Switzerland - a huge Setback for Immigrants and Trade Unions
On 9 February a narrow majority of Swiss voters voted in favour of an initiative by the Swiss People's Party (SVP) calling for the re-introduction of quotas for immigrants from the EU. This decision is a huge setback for immigrants to Switzerland, for trade unions and for all progressive forces, and leads Switzerland unavoidably up a blind alley. See the following declaration by Paul Rechsteiner, the President of the Swiss Federation of Trade Unions SGB, and Renzo Ambrosetti , co-President...
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