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Belgian Trade Unions campaign in front of Dutch building group BAM’s headquarters
On Friday December 5th, 50 Belgian workers of the BAM group campaign in front of BAM’s headquarters in Bunnik (Netherlands), to ask for more information about the announced European restructuring of the group and to demand consultation on a European level.Early October, the workers learned from the press that the Dutch building group BAM is planning an important restructuring. Over 700 jobs are at stake, mostly in the Netherlands. In Belgium, several subsidiaries will have to merge into...


Holcim-Lafarge: No merger without workers' rights!
During the first semester of 2015 the merger of Holcim and Lafarge must be arranged. With 130.000 workers and a turnover of € 35 billion, the new company will be by far the biggest cement company throughout the world.The merger will have a considerable impact on jobs and working conditions. By means of the merger both companies want to cut costs and reorganize their activities. In the future Holcim-Lafarge will be particularly active in Asia; in the years to come more than 40% of the...


Another shocking documentary on cross-border social dumping practices of Atlanco Rimec
On 6 November 2014, the Irish RTE broadcast an investigative documentary on the shameful social dumping practices by the Irish company Atlanco Rimec, revealing how the company exploits temporary posted migrant workers in the construction industry. This documentary is based on real social dumping practices in Denmark, the Netherlands, France, Sweden and other countries. Polish workers, employed via local Polish subsidiaries of Atlanco Rimec, are offered Cypriot working contracts, even if...


EFBWW political demands to the newly elected European Parliament for 2014-2019
The EFBWW calls on the new European Parliament to restore the European Social Model, to restore workers’ and trade union rights which have been lost via judgments of the Court of Justice of the European Union, via EU directives and regulations, or via circumventions of existing rules and regulations, and to introduce new and improved regulations and enforcement mechanisms in order to secure equal treatment of workers, to guarantee a level playing-field on the Internal Market, and to retain a...


The EU REFIT agenda threatens health and safety at work and working conditions
On 27 May the EFBWW Executive Committee adopted a statement on the so called EU Smart Regulation agenda under the REFIT programme. In the statement, the EFBWW underlines that occupational safety and health (OSH) legislation is not detrimental to the business community, but establishes transparent and equal competitive conditions for the EU business community, while protecting workers from exploitation and poor occupational health and safety standards. The EFBWW states that the Smart Regulation...
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