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Joint EFBWW-FIEC Presidium meeting (Paris)
On 7 November, the EFBWW, FIEC and AEIP signed a long term cooperation agreement. With this agreement, the three partners underline the importance of sectoral industrial relations in the construction industry at EU, national, regional and company level. The agreement also confirms the willingness and commitment of all parties to continue promoting and strengthening industrial relations at EU and...


EFBWW President re-elected as vice-President of the German construction trade union IG BAU.
The EFBWW congratulates its President Dietmar Schäfers, with his re-election as vice-President of IG BAU. An overwhelming majority of the IG BAU Congress reconfirmed his mandate. As principal collective bargaining negotiator he will have the difficult task to steer his trade union and to reach a collective agreement for thousands of German and foreign construction workers. Despite the improving economic situation in the German...


Global annual death toll due to asbestos related diseases - latest estimates
A comparative study by a team of researchers around Jukka Takala sought to establish verifiable estimates on mortality of asbestos related diseases and was published in the Central European Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. Their results suggest that the global annual death toll is indeed much higher than previously thought. The figures far exceed the routinely used WHO figure of approximately 100,000.The researchers estimate ranges from a low of 183,000 to a high of...


Publication: “From Miracle Mineral to first-rate Carcinogen” by Gerd Albracht
With the support of the IALI general secretariat and the EFBWW a German journal printed a special English language edition of an article that described the history of the fight to ban asbestos in Europe “From Miracle Mineral to first-rate Carcinogen” by Gerd Albracht. The article was originally published in the German journal Sicherheitsingenieur dedicated to OSH issues. The article also describes the EFBWW’s role in promoting an asbestos free Europe and the collaboration with...


Employeurs et travailleurs critiquent les propositions fondamentalement inadéquates pour une carte électronique européenne de services
Aujourd’hui, les partenaires sociaux européens des secteurs du nettoyage, des assurances et de la construction expriment ensemble leurs préoccupations fondamentales à propos des propositions législatives concernant une carte électronique européenne de services. Ils émettent des doutes sérieux à propos de la réelle valeur ajoutée qu’elle pourrait apporter au Marché Intérieur européen. Les signataires confirment leur soutien pour une concurrence équitable...
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