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ETUC President presents an ultimatum to the President of the European Commission: Restore workers’ rights
In an article in the newspaper Sydsvenska Dagbladet 11 November 2008, the ETUC President Wanja Lundby-Wedin and the MEP Jan Andersson state that voters to the European Parliament should give the Parliament a clear mandate only to support a President of the Commission that is in favour of a revision of the Posting of Workers’ Directive to secure that the Directive is a minimum Directive, allowing the host country to demand more favourable conditions, in accordance with the labour market tradition of the respective host country. Lundby-Wedin and Andersson also demand that the balance between the economic freedoms and the fundamental rights is restored in the Treaty. The fundamental social and human rights – such as the right to take collective action to fight for equal pay for equal work – should not be subordinate to the rights of the economic freedoms.

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