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Major scandal in UK construction - Employers are “blacklisting workers”
Major building companies in the UK have been buying allegedly illegal personal data of 3,213 workers. On the BBC, the UK Deputy Information Commissioner “David Smith” declared that “firms he described as "household names" had been involved in an allegedly illegal system for many years”. The private investigator (Ian Kerr) has been accused of clandestinely compiling an "extensive intelligence database" of workers with details that stretch back to the 1980s. This data contained personal information such as "communist party member", "ex-shop steward, definite problems, no go", "do not touch", "orchestrated strike action" and "lazy and a trouble-stirrer".

In the UK, construction workers and trade unions have long complained that some building workers have been stopped from getting work because companies were covertly turning away people they believed to be active trade unionists. Hard evidence has, until now, been hard to come by, and the construction industry has always denied it.

The EFBWW condemns these scandalous practices. The case is a serious slap in the face of virtually all fundamental trade union principles.

THE ICO website, has published a list of companies who subscribed to the use of the data:
ICO website

More background information is available on the following websites:
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