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European Construction Mobility Information Net (ECMIN) went online on 16 June 2009
The European Federation of Building and Woodworkers (EFBWW) is coordinating a project funded by the European Commission. The main goal of the project is to provide potential and future migrant workers in the EU with precise, concise and easily-accessible information about the sector-specific working conditions in the main countries of destination (“know before you go”) as well as with trade union contact information. This is planned to be realised through a multi-language website (first Polish, then Romanian, later other major migrant languages). The website will contain the information about working conditions such as wages, working hours, overtime payments, daily and weekly allowances, rules on accommodation, holiday and pension-schemes and related issues. The Polish/English website will be published at the meeting in Warsaw and contains information about 15 European countries:

Norway, Sweden, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, France, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Italy, Spain and Austria.

Background of the project

While the internal markets in finances, goods and even services are on the way to become a reality and the political integration within the EU has been deepened, the mobility of workers within the EU is still rather the exception than the rule.

One of the most important factors is the lack of precise and at the same time concise information about the specific working conditions in specific sectors in the other member states in a language one is able to understand.

In many Member states most jobs in the construction sector and certain other sectors open to migrant and mobile workers are of a short-term nature and/or project-based so that migrant workers will often not stay long enough in the country to learn the language intensively. Many of these workers turn to labour agents or posting companies in their country who often do not provide correct information about the general conditions in the sector in other countries. Or workers without proper prior information accept direct job offers from the other country which later turn out to be sub-standard or even below the legal minimum in the sector. This creates a negative effect on the working conditions of the domestic workforce and thus does not lead to more general acceptance of foreign workers. Therefore, the project ECMIN might help to strengthen the generally acknowledged rule “same wage for the same work at the same working-place”.


Contact and information (English): ecmin@gmx.net
Information in Polish: agata.zuraw.emwu@web.de

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