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Barroso agrees to propose amending the Posting of Workers Directive to prevent wage dumping
On 16 September, the European Parliament will vote on the reappointment of Jose Manuel Barroso as Commission president. Mr Barroso has in this connection been talking to the political groups in the Parliament to win support. Last week Mr Barroso was questioned by MEPs from the Socialist and Democrats group about a document of priorities that he issued last Thursday. According to the newspaper European Voice, Mr Barroso “agreed to propose amending the EU directive on the posting of workers, so as to prevent wage dumping.” Sam Hägglund, General Secretary of the EFBWW, welcomes the intention to amend the Posting of Workers Directive, since the directive, in its present interpretation after the Laval, Rüffert and Luxembourg judgments of the European Court of Justice, opens up for social dumping and prevents trade unions and Member States from enforcing equal treatment for posted workers from other Member States. Even if it is not clear how this “new regulation” is intended to restore workers’ rights, the statement by Mr Barroso shows that the campaign by the trade union movement against the ECJ judgments, and for “equal pay for equal work” has begun to bear fruit.
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