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Spanish Presidency: We are committed to the principle of ”equal pay for equal work” for posted workers
In an interview with Spanish Employment Minister Celestino Corbacho about the social commitments of the Spanish EU presidency, Mr Corbacho said that Spain supports the demand for “equal pay for equal work” concerning foreign posted workers, a contested principle in the recent judgments from the European Court of Justice. Says Mr Corbacho: “The courts have ruled that there can and must be freedom of movement for workers. The problem is that workers who have been (posted) from one country to another have done so at the salary in their country of origin, which leads to unfair competition in terms of labour costs. The Nordic countries have suggested that this situation must be resolved, and Spain is in agreement with this. We believe people should get the same pay for the same job, and what we need to do is to ensure compatibility in workers' mobility, but to prevent any “social dumping” of workers as a result of the difference in salaries between countries.”

In addition to the statement made by Mr Corbacho, the Programme for the Spanish Presidency, “Innovating Europe”, includes a passage saying that “initiatives or proposals will be drawn up regarding the Directive on the Posting of workers and the guarantee of workers’ rights within the framework of the freedom to provide services.”

The article with the interview of Mr Corbacho can be downloaded on the following link:

The Programme for the Spanish Presidency of the Council of the European Union can be downloaded on the following link:


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