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EFBWW message of solidarity
with the UK trade unions regarding the announced pension reforms in the UK

At the EFBWW congress in December 2011, our UCATT colleagues highlighted the united UK trade union actions against the unilateral and unacceptable pension reforms, imposed by the Conservative government in the UK. On 30 November, millions of workers rallied against the pension reforms, dictated by the Conservative government in the UK.
At the moment the UK has one of the lowest State pensions in the EU and only 1/3 of all workers are members of a supplementary pension scheme. By extending the pensionable age and increasing the pension contributions the current UK government is not solving the situation, but aggravating it. The proposed measures are not sustainable, they are utterly unfair and eventually will push more pensioners into poverty.
The EFBWW, and all its affiliated members fully support the UK trade unions in their struggle against the unilateral assault of the UK government on workers’ pensions.
The EFBWW accepts that long-term pension reforms are needed. But these reforms should always respect the basic rule that pensions are set up on the one hand to allow for workers to retire when they still have some time to enjoy their retirement and on the other hand to ensure a sufficient income to the pensioners.

The EFBWW entirely rejects the unilateral measures proposed by the UK government and urges it to start immediate negotiations with the UK trade unions in order to guarantee a sustainable pension for all workers.

The European Federation of Building and Woodworkers (EFBWW), organises 75 national trade unions from 31 countries. The UK trade unions: UCATT, Unite and GMB are longstanding members of the EFBWW.

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