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Number of asbestos-related cancer deaths continues to rise
23 years after the total ban of asbestos in Switzerland, the number of fatal cancers is still growing. In the years to come around 2500 people will die in Switzerland from asbestos, as shown in calculations of Suva. "The issue of asbestos will occupy Switzerland for a long time", says Thomas Guidon, insurance specialist at the consulting firm Milliman. According to calculations of Suva statistician Stefan Scholz, in the next decade an average of over 100 people per year will die in Switzerland from mesothelioma, a deadly tumor in the breast tissue and peritoneum. The peak will be reached only in the middle of the decade. The number of asbestos-related cancer cases will only drop significantly in the decade of 2030. By that time the total number of asbestos-related deaths since 1939 will have amounted to 3500 or even 4500. Until now Suva has paid 700 million CH francs to asbestos victims and their survivors. The future cases of mesothelioma are expected to cost double this amount. If we add other asbestos-related occupational diseases, Suva faces payments of 2.5 billion CH francs.

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