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Annual Growth Survey 2014:
European Trade Union Federations reject Commission’s economic strategy
and call upon European Council to follow the ETUC’s proposal for a European
investment plan

On 13 November, the European Commission published the Annual Growth Survey
(AGS) 2014 which proposes priorities for EU economic policy in 2014. On 19 and 20,
December EU heads of state and government will convene in the European Council
to discuss the document with a view to approving the Commission’s proposals.
The European Trade Union Federations EFBWW, EFFAT, ETUCE, EPSU, ETF,
IndustriAll Europe, and UNI Europa, jointly representing more than 30 million workers
in the EU, urge the European Council not to follow the strategy the Commission sets
out in the AGS. In the face of almost 27 million unemployed men and women in
Europe, the EU cannot afford another year of stagnation. Despite this, the
Commission intends to stick to the very policies that have prolonged and aggravated
the crisis. Austerity, structural reform, liberalisation, and deregulation fail to address
the Union’s most pressing problems and lack the support of citizens.
The European Union needs to embark on a path of robust, job-rich recovery. Given
the severity of the crisis, only a long-term strategy of substantial investment will be
able to achieve this. The European Trade Union Confederation’s “ Plan for
Investment , Sustainable Growth and Quality Jobs” develops a feasible model for
such an urgently needed change of course in EU economic policy. The European
Trade Union Federations call upon the European Council to implement action along
these lines without further delay.
The EU must renew its commitment to the improvement of working and living
conditions. Inaction risks loosing citizen’s support for the European project which will
cost particularly dearly in next year’s European elections.

Press Contacts

For EFBWW Sam Hägglund, General Secretary

For EFFAT Harald Wiedenhofer, General Secretary

For EPSU Jan Willem Goudriaan, Deputy General Secretary

For ETF Eduardo Chagas, General Secretary

For ETUCE Martin Rømer, European Director

For IndustriAll Ulrich Eckelmann, General Secretary

For UNI Europa Oliver Röthig, Regional Secretary

Download Joint Statement on AGS 2014

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