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European Parliament vote supports higher ambitions for energy renovations of buildings
The European Parliament’s Environment and Energy Committees jointly voted in favour of a report which focuses on energy efficiency in buildings and energy renovations of buildings as one of the cornerstones to achieve the EU’s climate change and energy goals. In February the plenary session of the Parliament will vote on the report and in March the Council deliberations will start.

The report calls on the Council and the Commission to adopt an ambitious binding 40 % energy efficiency target in the 2030 Climate and Energy Framework. One of the biggest energy savings potentials lies in buildings, and effective energy renovations of buildings constitutes a crucial instrument to reach the energy efficiency target for Europe. The report emphasizes in Article 6 the importance of a “sectoral energy efficiency target for buildings (which) would drive the needed transformation of the building stock, ultimately ensuring that the huge energy resource that it represents is tapped.” The report also underlines that the “current rate and quality of building renovation needs to be substantially scaled up in order to allow the EU to significantly reduce the energy consumption of the existing building stock by 80 %, relative to 2010 levels, by 2050”.

“The vote in the European Parliament is a call to the Member States and the European Commission to adopt more ambitious measures concerning energy renovations of buildings”, says Sam Hägglund, General Secretary of the European Federation of Building and Woodworkers. “Energy renovation of buildings has the double effect of both creating jobs – so much needed in the present economic situation in Europe – and to effectively help to fulfil the EU’s Climate Change and energy saving goals. The EFBWW has been calling for a European Investment Plan, which would put energy renovation of buildings at its core. The EU and its Member States should take on this challenge and also create efficient financial instruments to make this plan possible. However, we would also like to point out that when buildings are being renovated for energy efficiency purposes, this should be combined with the removal of existing asbestos. The report concerning asbestos that was adopted by a large majority of the plenary in the European parliament on 14 March last year expressly calls for a combination of energy efficiency measures with the removal of asbestos. Secondly, construction work for energy efficiency purposes often requires new skills and competences by the involved workers and planners. In this respect, we support the initiatives put forward in the EU Build Up Skills Program, but propose to integrate issues concerning asbestos removal and how to avoid health hazards for all parties involved.”

EP press release: CLICK HERE
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