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Another shocking documentary on cross-border social dumping practices of Atlanco Rimec
On 6 November 2014, the Irish RTE broadcast an investigative documentary on the shameful social dumping practices by the Irish company Atlanco Rimec, revealing how the company exploits temporary posted migrant workers in the construction industry. This documentary is based on real social dumping practices in Denmark, the Netherlands, France, Sweden and other countries.

Polish workers, employed via local Polish subsidiaries of Atlanco Rimec, are offered Cypriot working contracts, even if they have never been in Cyprus. This “letterbox trick” is being abused on a large scale in order to post workers to large building sites as “cheap workers”. Although the company has been subject of various investigations and has been condemned several times, it continues to exploit workers as “disposable commodities”. According to the EFBWW, this company is clearly a disgrace and should be stopped by all means.

The documentary also reveals that the company Atlanco Rimec creates, keeps and uses illegal blacklists of workers, banning them from any further employment. After the blacklisting scandal in the UK, this is the second large-scale blacklisting practice in Europe which has been made public. The EFBWW clearly condemns these inhuman and illegal practices and insists that better preventive, controlling, sanctioning and compensatory measures are taken. Based on internal information, the EFBWW fears that many other companies are blacklisting workers.

Unfortunately, the Atlanco Rimec case is not unique. All over Europe there are labour agencies exploiting posted workers on a massive scale. Internal estimates of the EFBWW show that approximately one million workers are exploited as posted workers annually.

Although the problem is well-known at European level, there is not enough interest to resolve the problem. Yes, statements have been made by the President of the European Commission, Mr Jean-Claude Juncker, that social dumping will be combated, but virtually no effective measures are undertaken. Instead of supporting Member States to strengthen their controls and to close the existing, well-known, legal and administrative European loopholes, the European Commission continues to weaken the national control measures and to facilitate these scandalous practices.

The investigative Irish documentary can be viewed at: news

Earlier this year, there was also a Danish investigative documentary focusing on Atlanco Rimec, which can be viewed at: youtube

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