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Belgian Trade Unions campaign in front of Dutch building group BAM’s headquarters
On Friday December 5th, 50 Belgian workers of the BAM group campaign in front of BAM’s headquarters in Bunnik (Netherlands), to ask for more information about the announced European restructuring of the group and to demand consultation on a European level.
Early October, the workers learned from the press that the Dutch building group BAM is planning an important restructuring. Over 700 jobs are at stake, mostly in the Netherlands. In Belgium, several subsidiaries will have to merge into one BAM Belgium.
In the meantime, local consultations took place between unions and management.
They claim that “The Belgian trade unions and workers shouldn’t worry”, but then why do subsidiaries have to merge and what will be the exact impact on employment and terms of employment? No one knows the answer to that question.

European Works Council on Hold?
For a few months now, the European Works Council’s activities have been put on hold by the central BAM management. However, European legislation stipulates that this Council is the consultative body through which workers are informed and consulted about important cross-border decisions.

The Belgian Trade Unions are also worried about the ‘blacklisting scandal’ in which BAM UK is allegedly involved. It is said that in the past, BAM UK appealed to the dubious services of ‘The Consulting Agency’ to perform background-checks on future workers, mostly those who had participated in union actions before, who were politically active or had personal problems. A few hearings took place in the Scottish parliament amongst others. Consequently, the English Trade Unions decided to take the matter to court. The Belgian Trade Unions explicitly support their English colleagues and demand that this matter should be completely cleared up.

We demand respect & consultation
The Belgian Trade Unions find the attitude of the central BAM management unacceptable. CSC bâtiment – industrie & énergie and Centrale Générale FGTB demand to respect the social consultation, locally as well as on a European level. CSC BIE and CG FGTB want to remind the BAM management of their commitments concerning corporate social responsibility. BAM has concluded an international framework agreement with the World Union BWI on this subject.

Unions’ demands:- immediately restart the European consultation through the European Works Council
- provide clear and correct information on local and national level;
- respect the conditions of corporate social responsibility as stipulated in the international framework agreement concluded with the BWI.

For more information, contact:
Tom Deleu, international secretariat CSC BIE, +32 475907066
Kris Van Damme, European and international service CG FGTB, +32 479027648
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