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EFBWW demands that European Union takes its responsibility to prevent further tragedies in the Mediterranean Sea
The European Union needs to take its responsibility to prevent further tragedies in the Mediterranean Sea with refugees coming from northern Africa, and to put in place a fair system of asylum procedures within the EU

During 2015, the refugee situation in the Mediterranean Sea has taken catastrophic dimensions. More than 10 000 ship landings have taken place, and more than 1750 refugees have lost their lives. This is a human tragedy of immense dimensions, where unscrupulous traffickers are trading with human lives.
It is absolutely necessary that the European Union assumes its responsibility in order to prevent the recurrence of such tragedies, and to put in place new prerogatives of refugee accession, both at EU level and in relation to the countries-of-origin of these migrants. Last year the EU was asked to finance the Italian Mare Nostrum’s search and rescue missions in the Mediterranean, which has saved hundreds of thousands of lives. This was not agreed for cynical reasons. Recently, at the EU emergency summit held on 23 April 2015, the EU once again failed to agree on the most essential immediate action: search and rescue in international waters. Instead, the EU increased the budget of Frontex without changing its mandate of border control, and although the so called Triton and Poseidon operations in the Mediterranean Sea will receive increased funding, this is clearly insufficient and means that the EU as a whole will continue to prioritize border protection over the protection of human lives.

The European Federation of Building and Woodworkers demands
- the immediate establishment of a European operational task force for research and sea rescue operations in the whole area of the South-Eastern Mediterranean Sea;
- the immediate creation of legal access-ways and humanitarian channels to avoid the “travels of death”, currently in the hands of criminal organizations;
- the implementation of EU migration policies for EU external borders, which include Community responsibilities
- the immediate moratorium of the Dublin III Regulation within the Dublin system of asylum processing, according to which the EU country-of-arrival is responsible for processing the asylum claims of applicants, placing unfair burdens on countries involved in the rescue operations, such as Italy, Greece, Malta, Spain, and Cyprus.
- the introduction of a burden-sharing system concerning refugee reception, including the creation of an ad hoc European Fund, supporting the reception of refugees on the basis of the distribution of reception between EU Member States;

The European Federation of Building and Woodworkers calls on the European Union to shoulder its responsibilities towards the recurring tragedies taking place in the Mediterranean Sea. This includes putting an end to criminal human trafficking, establishing a fair EU system of asylum processing, and sharing the burden of refugee reception between EU Member States.
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